Guest Hosts: Dr. Jimmy Reyes & Juanita Limas

We empower ourselves and others with knowledge, skills, experiences and perspectives through the practice of education. And this practice involves sharing much of our own story as educators, as individuals, as members of majorities and minorities, and as people. Special thanks to Jimmy Reyes, Dean of Nursing and Juanita Limas, Assistant Professor of Math/Science for sharing their stories and initiatives for the future.

You can learn more about Jimmy and Juanita’s presentation at this post on the KCELT website. And you can learn more about the non-profit organization MyHealthIowa at http://misaludiowa.org/ or their facebook group.

One thought on “Empowering

  1. Al Rowe

    Thanks for sharing this interview! The topic of diversity and cultural competence is a Kirkwood priority. The pilot of KCELT’s Cultural Competency project is one step in this direction. I recommend that a large faculty group be organized by faculty for this advancing this work. I would suggest that “Education Is” integrate this topic (and others) within the KCELT’s program planning and communications. We need to develop faculty leaders who want to make this a top priority. I agree that we need to implement a specific minority recruitment and retention process. Kudos to you and getting this message out. Now let’s expand our efforts via faculty-administrative partnerships. Our Learner Success Agenda and changing demographics demand it.

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