Putting Yourself Out There

Guest Host: Todd Saville

Education is Putting Yourself Out There

myFathersHouseTodd Saville wrote a novel. He had a story to share, and thought that might be end of that endeavor. But it was just the beginning. Now, it’s expanded into a research project on self-publishing and social media marketing. The inspiration for this journey? His students. They were responsible for showing Todd the importance of these current marketing trends. And he knew that having first-hand experiences to share with his classes would be invaluable to their learning. And so the cycle continues. We think of ourselves as teachers, but we are experience seekers ourselves. We put our best theories and pedagogies forward so that they might be torn apart, exposed in all their messiness. And in this process, we meet others, we share, we talk, we question, we hold fast, we change minds, we grow, we teach, we learn.

After listening to this interview again, I am about ready to dust of that first NaNoWriMo novel I shared with only family members. Maybe others would enjoy that story too. I am curious what the experience of putting that into the world will be like and where that might lead my own instruction.