About Education Is ___

Alan: I’ve been thinking about engaging the online instructor community at Kirkwood and beyond in dialogs centered on instruction and learning. We don’t have the opportunities to do this in the halls or at the local cafe as distance educators. So how about a webinar series/podcast and blog?! Awesome. Education is many things and one of these things is a continuous discourse with our brains and other people’s brains. Bring your brains and join in our discussion.

Nicole: As a librarian, I’m always scurrying outside the library with nerdy armfuls of books, periodicals, and my android gadget, eager to learn about education, teach anyone who will listen some mad information-warrior skills, and collaborate with fellow faculty on making awesome assignments. Education is a great many things – a web of systems, myriad relationships, levels of collaboration, discipline-based and cross-disciplinary research, and a deeply personal thing. Is it awesome? Heck yes! On this blog and in the podcast, you can expect to hear me bring the full force of my nerdery to exploring education.