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Accessibility, Part V – Lauri Hughes

Accessibility, Part V – Lauri Hughes [read the transcript]

Accessibility is a big topic with many parts, but at the center there are people. People who need to know we care. People who may indeed require accommodations, but perhaps more importantly require an acknowledgement of and belief in their abilities to succeed. I’m wrapping up this series on Accessibility with Lauri Hughes who reminds us of the power we have to believe in our students even when they struggle to believe in themselves. And while this wraps up this series, I hope it’s just the beginning of the conversation.

If you missed any of the previous Accessibility Episodes they can all be found here (I, II, III, IV) and on Kirkwood’s iTunes U page.  Continue reading

Accessibility, Part IV – Wilson Rojas & Maryam Rod Szabo

Accessibility, Part IV – Wilson Rojas & Maryam Rod Szabo [read the transcript]

The concepts of Universal Design may have roots in architecture, but the implications of these concepts extend nicely to teaching and learning. Wilson and Maryam are instructional designers in Kirkwood’s Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (KCELT), and share their perspectives on universal design as well as their experiences as Iowan transplants.  Follow them on Twitter @wilsonmrojas and @maryamrodszabo.

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